Palmetto Launches New Enterprise Software Platform to Accelerate Adoption of Residential Clean Energy and Rooftop Solar


-First-of-its-kind platform will operate under a new business unit led by a group of industry veterans with experience in enterprise sales and SaaS -Enables partner companies to sell clean energy solutions to residential customers through their existing sales channels

Palmetto, the leader in clean energy technologies, today announced the launch of a new enterprise platform offering that makes it easier for consumer brands, utilities and other businesses to offer clean energy solutions to their consumers.

“In today’s economy, managing a company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint is no longer just about meeting ESG standards, but will increasingly impact business models with the emerging decarbonization targets, energy transition incentives, and other climate policies, our new Clean Energy Software Platform offers businesses a single, comprehensive solution in this new reality,” said Christopher Kemper, CEO of Palmetto.

Operating under a new business unit focused on software and data, Palmetto’s clean energy software platform will partner with organizations that already serve residential consumers, such as real estate development companies and mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, home improvement retailers, electric utilities and financial services platforms. . The company’s business unit will help partners and customers achieve their net-zero decarbonization goals, increase customer lifetime value, and prepare them to enter clean energy markets, especially as New policies and legislation, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, are making renewable energy an attractive business. segment and the general public offer.

Kemper continued, “Similarly, Shopify provides everything you need to start a business – sourcing, inventory management, marketing, payments, shipping/logistics – Palmetto is expanding its business offerings, enabling businesses and platforms retailer to sell clean energy products.This will not only significantly expand Palmetto’s footprint with end consumers, but in the process, accelerate the adoption of clean energy across the country. »

Palmetto’s enterprise solutions are expected to accelerate the company’s already strong growth trajectory. In the second quarter of 2022, Palmetto’s total revenue increased 138% year-on-year, driven by strong solar sales growth of 145% year-on-year.

Palmetto Clean Energy Software Platform
Palmetto makes it easy for individuals, small businesses, and now large corporations to enter the clean energy economy and grow. For example, in the case of rooftop solar, Palmetto’s clean energy platform offers an end-to-end digital solution for everything a consumer needs, from education to potential estimates. solar system, designing, engineering and financing the roof system, purchasing the panels and other supplies, identifying and hiring qualified installers, facilitating permitting and inspection , and providing service and maintenance for the life of the product.

For consumers, this experience removes the friction typically associated with purchasing rooftop solar or similar large-scale home installations. For Palmetto partner companies, they can access the rapidly growing clean energy market without having to understand local market requirements, integrate with utility interconnection processes, or create a national distribution grid . Additionally, Palmetto’s Energy Intelligence Platform, a SaaS product for enterprises, helps companies assess the solar potential of markets, segment local communities by solar potential and target customers, and even model the Energy utilization and solar potential at the building level using high-resolution, geospatial 3D LiDAR technology.

For both buyer and seller, Palmetto can work as a white label solution, helping the company maintain brand trust and consumer loyalty. The company has already initiated partnerships with leading companies including Exelon, Energy Trust, Enerflo and Commonwealth Edison.

Kemper added, “Residential clean energy can be a tough business to break into, and we believe the current adoption of rooftop solar in the US – only ~3% of US homes – is largely telling. disjointed and difficult customer experience. By making the adoption of solar energy as easy and as simple as buying a new appliance, Palmetto is uniquely positioned to accelerate the adoption of clean energy at a time when the world has the Not needed anymore. .”

New leadership additions
Along with forming the new business unit, Palmetto has assembled a world-class team of enterprise and SaaS executives, including:

Lisa Rockefeller, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Sales
Benjamin Black, Executive Vice President of Platform Engineering
Dana Bowlin, Senior Vice President of Execution Platform
Tiffany Menhorn, Vice President of Utility Solutions
Phil Schrieber, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales
Dan Schultz, Senior Director of Enterprise Sales
In his new role, Rockefeller is focused on driving revenue growth through innovative go-to-market and commercialization strategies. She will lead a team focused on building relationships with business and utility partners who are committed to driving the adoption of renewable energy technologies in North America. She brings over a decade of corporate sales leadership in the cleantech industry, most recently at Enel X, a global leader in energy transition solutions.

Rockefeller said: “Solar energy is one of the easiest ways for people to mitigate their personal contribution to climate change and is becoming more affordable than ever before. Yet the mass adoption curve has been handicapped by friction and high cost constraints of the existing solar sales model. Palmetto has created an unparalleled platform to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and eliminate barriers to entry for consumers. I am delighted to helping leading organizations across North America catalyze the shift to renewable energy through strategic partnerships with Palmetto and our world-class team of changemakers.”

Palmetto Enterprise Solutions Details
Palmetto will propose the most suitable partnership structures for each company:

Referral and reseller partnerships. Help partner companies launch new offers and sell solar energy to their existing customers with an end-to-end turnkey solution
Recurring platform subscription partnerships. Access to Palmetto’s Energy Intelligence Platform™ for companies and electric utilities looking to plan and model tactics to achieve net zero goals, educate consumers on their solar potential, and achieve solar achievement goals in terms of the market and energy efficiency.
Energy Intelligence Executive Vice President Eduardo Berlin said, “Utilities and energy providers across the country are in the midst of much-needed modernization, including the ability to track, measure and ‘use data to make smarter decisions for themselves and their customers.’ Palmetto’s energy intelligence platform uses proprietary technology to deliver accurate, contextual, personalized and actionable data to partner companies. are intuitive, delivering insights through in-depth information and compelling visual feedback. Our in-depth technology group works with extensive proprietary data sets that can easily be turned into a sustainable clean energy action plan.”

For the 78 million U.S. homes that don’t yet own or rent a solar power system, Palmetto offers a seamless nationwide distribution network, providing homeowners with local sales and installation services to drive the economy forward. clean energy in communities across the country. Palmetto’s Energy Intelligence Platform™ simulates and models solar potential and energy load profiles for 84% of roofs in the United States, including local requirements for over 130 utility areas, as well as demographics, market and buildings.

About Palmetto
Palmetto believes that access to clean energy sources is a right, not a privilege. They make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to source energy from renewables like solar. Palmetto enables brands entering or expanding into the residential clean energy market to generate new revenue streams and establish/extend their decarbonization goals for continued impact and growth through their software platform. clean energy. The Charleston-based company received Solar Power World’s 2022 Most Forward-Thinking Entrepreneur Award. Palmetto’s Get-Solar, Give-Solar program provides underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa with access to a clean energy. Palmetto is a fully distributed, triple bottom line company with teammates across the United States. For more information, visit


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