Placemaking 101 Workshop


CITY OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Greater Binghamton Chamber launched a new initiative today with a workshop called Placemaking 101.

Placemaking is about engaging the public in ways that make better use of public spaces and bring people together.

The goal is to both support and strengthen existing initiatives and create new activities that make our community more attractive to those who live here and those considering moving here.

The Chamber created a new position to lead these efforts and hired Jim Reyen.

Reyen is an executive with Johnson Outdoors who is also a longtime community volunteer known for founding and organizing the annual Harper Stantz Rec Park Music Festival.

Reyen says Greater Binghamton has a great base to build on.

“There are wonderful annual events that are great. But you want those public spaces to be full every week. So my job is to try to identify those public spaces and make sure there are activities, if not daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Just more frequently.

Reyen says it’s essential to have input from the public and to ensure that place-making initiatives are sustainable.

Today’s workshop featured investment expert and Vestal native Kady Yellow, who currently runs a business improvement district in Jacksonville, Florida.

She spoke about the importance of vibrant neighborhoods and inviting public spaces.


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