Potential shoe factory and upcoming frozen food locker in Fulton


125 years ago

1897 Fulton Weekly Telegraph

Nora Booth says he’s tired of eating and eating third-class chow. James Galligher thinks the best thing to do is to have a first class cook. The old proverb that there is a will there is always a way never seems to fail but Moot Frey says he had the will to go to church on Sundays but his horse had the wat and would not go. Mrs Dearing accompanied by Mrs Irene DeHaven and Miss Linnie DeHaven went shopping at Steedman last week. Mrs. Dearing on horseback and carrying 18 dozen eggs. Who can beat that at 60?

The county court selected Callaway County Savings Bank as depository for county bonds for two years, with that bank offering 3.77% for deposits. This bank has been the county’s custodian for the past two years at 5.55%. Audrain County received 3.5% for its deposits.

100 years ago

Fulton Gazette 1922

More than four hundred applications for employment in Fulton’s proposed shoe factory–three hundred being the number of workers required by the International Shoe Company to start a factory here–were received by the factory committee of the Commercial Club, RO Baker, chairman of the committee said. If the factory is secured for Fulton, it will be moved to the East Fifth Street building formerly occupied by a global factory. The supply of coal, electric power and other utilities needed to operate a plant at Fulton have proved satisfactory to the company, they said, the only objection raised being the lack of manpower. work, and since the hurdle has been removed, they “are going to have to give up on their proposal,” Mr. Baker said, “or start a factory here.

Seniors to give play. “Niobe, All Smiles,” a three-act comedy, is to be performed at Pratt’s Theater on Monday and Tuesday evenings, May 15 and 16, by the senior class of Fulton High School, under the direction of Miss Vera Castle, English teacher. Class members to be cast are: Misses Rosa May Booth, Almaretta Frank, Helen Frank, Ruby Harris, Ethel Williamson, Frances Backer and Beulah McConnaha, and Aulus Saunders, Robert Owen, Bert Garrett, Henry Wickell and Hart Dunham .

75 years ago

1947 Missouri Telegraph

A frozen food storage plant, which will be operational early in the fall, will be built at Mokane by Mr. and Mrs. WA (Happy) Williams of South Fulton and Mrs. Williams’ sister, Miss Isabelle Pinet of Tebbetts. They have purchased land in the city’s business district and will begin work on the building, which will cost around $20,000, in the near future. Three hundred lockers will be installed in the 40-by-70-foot building, which will be constructed of concrete blocks, and there will be room for an additional 200 lockers. Miss Pinet, who has managed the Pinet farm in Tebbetts since the death of her father, Louis Pinet, almost 13 years ago, will manage the pot factory, Mr and Mrs Williams will continue to manage their breeding farms at three miles south of Fulton on the Mokane Road.

The Lucky Thirteen Club held its annual spring ceremony in honor of its thirteenth anniversary on Saturday evening at the Fulton Country Club. Two hundred and fifty guests were present. A hair ornament, a gold carnation on a black ribbon, was presented to each girl as a favor. Gold and black are the colors of the club. The club was decorated with plum blossoms, forsythia and carnations, a gift from Mr and Mrs Harry McIntire in memory of their daughter, the late Miss Carol McIntire, who had been a member of the club. The entrance to the club was covered with a trellis woven with spring flowers and lit by a floodlight. Members of the club are Misses Betty Newbolt, Dorothy Marie Pearre, Anna Lee Fenley, Selma Oliver, Juanita Kennett, Janet Baber, Peggy Windsor, Billie Oestreich, Roberta Wise, Peggy Waers, Dorothy Maddox, Mrs BA Ault and Mrs Robert Thweatt.

50 years ago

1972 Fulton Daily Sun Gazette

A prominent Fulton businessman, Lynn H. Maughs, will be honored this weekend at alumni functions at Westminster College. Maughs is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Automotive Enterprises I this year. Maughs will receive the Alumni Achievement Award from his alma mater during ceremonies Saturday after the alumni luncheon. This is the highest recognition given to an alumnus of Westminster College by the Council of Alumni and the Board of Trustees, signifying a distinctive achievement in the alumnus’ career after training at Westminster College.

An original oil painting of Sir Winston Churchill has been loaned by Hallmarak Cards to the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library at Westminster College here, and will be on display at the Memorial Museum until next October. The painting, “Gate of Marrakesh”, is one of five that make up Hallmark’s collection, the largest in the world.

25 years ago

Sun Gazette 1997

Approximately 2,300 buttons were produced by Brandt Vocational Enterprises (BVE) on the Fulton State Hospital campus. BVE is a program that helps patients with mental illness learn basic work habits for future employment. Between 85 and 110 patients are employed at two work sites at the hospital. In addition to making buttons, they perform simple recycling, horticulture, and crafting tasks. The work program has been at the hospital for three years and has provided buttons for Mental Health Awareness Day each year.


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