Reinventing the value proposition of on-road electrification


Electromobility (eMobility) surrounds us. Many innovative equipment manufacturers are coming to market with electrification-related products. Vehicles are getting faster, batteries are getting stronger, charging technologies are constantly evolving, and a host of networks now exist to help with telemetry and data. Until recently, these groups were siloed trying to commercialize their individual technologies. Ironically, however, they rely on each other to succeed.

Alta felt the need to help its customers streamline the buyer’s journey and answered this question: “We want to electrify our fleet, but we don’t know where to start. Can you help me ? »

To electrify their fleet, customers must become experts in five different workflows: Infrastructure specification; installation and permits; service solution for vehicles/infrastructure; leverage incentives (federal, state, utility); and peak demand balancing. This is a daunting task, made even more difficult by current workloads and talent shortages plaguing the industry.

Discover Alta’s “Total Solution” model, a proven formula we’ve followed in our material handling and construction equipment markets. The eMobility space, while relatively newer, is no different. Through this process, our team consolidates these workflows, provides TCO modeling, and guides our customers through the process from initial call to key handover.

What’s good for the industry is also good for us. We have made our own transition to electric with the purchase of two electric vans and a Nikola Tre BEV to replace petrol and diesel trucks, and we are installing DC chargers and Level 2 chargers at our head office of Livonia, Michigan. We are excited to share our ES&G commitment and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Although Alta is starting with the Class 8 tractor market, we don’t stop there. Our company plans to expand this business unit to support more categories of electrified on-road vehicles, leveraging a host of fueling technologies. These technologies include energy storage with DC/DC fast charging, DC fast charging with a hydrogen fuel cell generator, vehicle-to-grid charging, and hydrogen production and distribution.

Driven by our guiding principles of Investing in the Best, Mutual Respect, One Team, Passion for Excellence and Customers for Life, we believe we are built to succeed. Alta’s customer-centric value proposition is what truly sets us apart in this industry.


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