Residents are fed up with the rat infested plant left to rot on their doorstep


A disused factory that has been out of use for more than two decades has left neighbors tired and concerned about health and safety risks.

The Kings Newton Street property, in a residential area of ​​Highfields in Leicester, has been left to “abandoned and rat infested” residents, LeicestershireLive told.

Now, although the property is privately owned, Leicester City Council has said it may be forced to take legal action to make the premises safe for neighbors.

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For more than 20 years, Nusrat Bhatti’s father-in-law has seen the dilapidated building deteriorate further from his back garden.

The 48-year-old, who lives in the house behind the factory, said: “You can see broken windows in our garden and it’s been messy for years.”

She added that the rats often seen around the old factory also infested the family’s garden shed.

After a change of ownership last year, scaffolding was erected around the exterior walls of the factory encroaching on neighboring gardens but residents say they were not consulted beforehand.

Another resident, who wished to be named, said: “The builders actually went up to our gardens to put up the scaffolding and we weren’t even informed.”

He added: When we had really bad winds last year there were bits of metal coming out of the building and it’s just not safe.

Scaffolding was erected without permission in nearby gardens and bricks fell there.

Since the scaffolding was put in place, residents said work was sporadic, often left for several weeks. Bricks and rubble also fell in the gardens.

Although the property is not owned by the council, Nusrat said the health and safety risks around the property needed to be addressed urgently and added that the council should intervene.

She added that efforts had been made by herself and her neighbors to contact council about this before, but nothing had changed.

“The walls were on the verge of collapsing. Why wait for a disaster to happen to do something? she said.

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A spokesperson for Leicester City Council confirmed that a new owner of the building had been contacted and the case could lead to further “legal actions”

LeicestershireLive could not contact the current owner of the building for comment.

In a full statement, a spokesperson for Leicester City Council said: “We are aware of the change in ownership of this property and are suing the previous owner to carry out work.

“We have spoken to the new owner and he has erected scaffolding to do the work, but the work is proceeding too slowly, is not sufficient and is not of an acceptable standard.

“We are now speaking with the owner again and if he does not respond, we will move on to a more formal process, which may result in legal action, requiring them to do the necessary work.

“We will also visit the site and try to talk to the residents.

“Residents should have asked for permission and agreed that scaffolding be located in their gardens and the scaffolding should have a netting to prevent objects from falling – but it is the responsibility of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and we have them. have informed. “

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