Several creative studios, such as Culturati Studios and The Suite on Federal, are popping up in Youngstown


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A “creative studio” is a fairly broad term, but there are at least three that have opened in recent years in downtown Youngstown. We stopped at the more recent two to find out what a design studio has to offer as a business and what it brings to the downtown community.

Culturati Studios is located at the east end of Federal Street. From the outside it looks like a simple warehouse, but inside, for a year and a half it has undergone a transformation.

“At first it was just supposed to be an art studio… but with this amount of space, why not donate it to the community? said Steve Jimenez, owner of Culturati Studios.

The same goes for The Suite on Federal, which is located just behind the Draft House Bar.

“Something about the exposed brickwork and the work she’s done on the space,” said Brianna Marshall, owner of The Suite on Federal.

Both of these spaces have opened in the past two months and Jimenez and Marshall use the studios to create their own work. The Suite on Federal is where Marshall takes his own photographs.

“We have tons of different furniture and most of the furniture can be moved. So you can really create whatever you need, ”Marshall said.

Culturati Studios focuses on artistic mediums such as clothing lines, creating two in-house: Culturati Clothing and Violet Mirage.

“Art Basel has been the biggest inspiration for this place, a place where the community can bring their arts here, their work here,” Jimenez said.

But spaces aren’t just a creative outlet for homeowners.

“I pretty much rent it out to local photographers, videographers and creatives. Anything that can be one-on-one or small class really, ”Marshall said.

They can throw family or business parties, pop-ups – they want you to be creative. After all, it is a creative space.

“Be it fine art, clothing, music, just about anything. I want everyone to be able to come here, express themselves and show their work, ”Jimenez said.

Wondering why we see two spaces like this appearing just a few blocks from each other downtown? Both owners say they think it’s because the arts are on the rise in the city.

“A lot of people have slowly reopened to the fact that Youngstown is here. It’s booming and I’m so excited to be a part of it, ”said Marshall.

The suite on Federal is ready to rent now for all your photography or networking needs. Culturati Studios will have a website up and running in January and will then be ready to rent. Both can be found on their social networks.

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