SK Telecom set to launch AI semiconductor business in earnest

Sapeon AI semiconductor from SK Telecom

SK Telecom recently completed the establishment of the U.S. and Korea companies of Sapeon, preparing to promote its artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor globally.

The company launched Sapeon Korea, a company created by spinning off its AI semiconductor business unit. He also established Sapeon’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Sapeon is a memoryless semiconductor capable of performing large-scale calculations needed to implement artificial intelligence services at high speed and with low power consumption.

The fifty managers in charge of the Sapeon chip business at SK Telecom changed their affiliation to Sapeon Korea from April. Sapeon’s US headquarters was established by SK ICT Alliance, which was jointly established by SK Telecom, SK Hynix and SK Square in January, with a total investment of 80 billion won.

Sapeon headquarters will promote Sapeon AI semiconductor to major global tech giants. It will also be used to attract human resources and investments. Sapeon Korea, Sapeon’s subsidiary in the United States, will be in charge of business in Korea and Asia.

SK ICT Alliance plans to grow Sapeon’s U.S. and Korean companies to reach 2 trillion won in cumulative sales and 10 trillion won in enterprise value by 2027.

SK Telecom’s Sapeon X220 is the first AI semiconductor developed in Korea and offers 1.5 times faster operating speed, 80% power consumption and half the price of graphics processing units ( GPU) of similar specifications. Next year, X330 will be released as an upgrade model of X220. Sapeon will develop the X330 by adding a real-time learning function to the X220, which is optimized for inference.

Sapeon also plans to launch the AI ​​as a Service (AIaaS) business, which provides integrated solutions ranging from AI semiconductor-based hardware to software such as AI algorithms and APIs. application (API).


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