Southampton city center business unit leased to Getir UK


A semi-detached unit with offices at the City Commerce Center was sold and rented the same day.

Flude Property Consultants agreed the terms of sale to a private investor and finalized the rental of the unit within 12 hours.

A number of businesses and individuals were interested, but it was the Getir UK grocery delivery company that signed a six-year lease.

“Judging by the number of inquiries and interest in the unit, it probably would have been possible to rent the unit or sell it multiple times,” said Flude senior surveyor George Cook.

“The industrial market continues to perform well and there is still more demand than supply can meet. City Commerce Center therefore remains a crucial and relevant commercial space in the Southampton market.

Turkish brand Getir is gaining popularity in the UK as it offers one-click delivery service for groceries.

Although not open to the public, the store will still look like a conventional supermarket with aisles and shelves.

But instead of customers, there will be “pickers” to fill orders and deliver.

Mr. Cook added, “Simultaneous selling and leasing presented unique challenges, but through a collaborative approach taken by seller, buyer and tenant, under our leadership, we were able to ensure that all parties achieved their goals and we were able to complete the lease and sale on the same day.

“Which of course on a personal level was incredibly satisfying and demonstrates Flude Property Consultants’ commitment to providing our clients with expert and tailored service.”

The 5,000 square foot property at the City Commerce Center, off the A33 in the downtown area, includes an industrial unit that is laid out inside as a warehouse on the south side.

It has an open office space with a bathroom, kitchen and reception area on the north side and has parking for five cars and cargo space.

“Southampton is the main commercial and administrative center of the South Coast, with over a million diverse inhabitants living within 10 miles of the city center and has one of the best universities in the UK. So that would be a great location to move a business as well, or even start one, ”Cook said.

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