Technical Rubber Company Inc. (TRC) Announces the Launch of Advanced Mobility Solutions


According to the CEO of TRC Dan Layne, “The change concerns us, we see it daily in our historical activities. This change creates opportunities, especially with connected, autonomous, shared and electrified vehicles. The way people and products will be transported is reshaping quickly our world and AMS intends to be at the center of these new modes of mobility. ”

AMS will now market its initial Mobility Solutions offering, a standalone tire health monitoring and data analysis solution called “Smart-Tread”.

“Smart-Tread” aims to provide fleet operators with a wealth of tire performance data through a robust data analysis engine using new “NanoWave” direct tire data capture technology.

AMS President Joe cole sharing: “What an exciting time to become a participant in the global mobility ecosystem, to identify, assess, develop and market new cutting-edge mobility solutions, which in turn will fuel our businesses and our lives”.

AMS will add additional state-of-the-art mobility solutions to its portfolio as it innovates in the era of emerging technological advancements such as efficient electric motors, increased battery life, alternative fuels, navigation satellite, application development and integration and vehicle computing, unmanned aircraft, and smart sensors. AMS has formed and will continue to form strategic business alliances with public / private partnerships, higher education institutions, municipalities and other government agencies.

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About TRC
TRC has a portfolio of companies that are world leaders in the production of tire and wheel service products, conveyor belt repair products and tire retreading products. Salvadori is TRC’s primary recycling company and helps TRC realize its 4r vision of repair, reuse, recycle and reuse. Learn more about TRC’s portfolio of companies

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