Tennessee man charged with trying to sell stolen $95,000 diamond ring in Georgia


A Tennessee man has been arrested after trying to sell a diamond ring worth just under $100,000, according to Acworth police.

Brandon McNeece, 41, of Whitwell, Tennessee, was charged with theft bringing stolen property into the state, receiving stolen property over $1500.00, possession of cocaine and possession of methamphetamine.

According to police, McNeese entered Celestial Jewelers located at 3150 Cobb Parkway on November 4. He then attempted to sell the company a 9.46-carat diamond worth about $95,000, police said.

Store employees spotted an inconsistency while reviewing a photo of a partial Certificate of Authenticity. Police say this photo had a different name and address in Hixon, Tennessee.

By doing a little detective work, store employees were able to obtain the owner’s phone number and discovered that the ring had been stolen in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Police say officers were also able to verify that the ring was stolen.

“We have tracked down the real owners and distracted the thieves until Acworth Police show up and take them into custody,” the Acworth store owners said on Facebook. “There is a 90-year-old lady who is super happy to have her ring back! So happy to have been able to help recover such an important inheritance!”

Police say the motorcycle on which McNeece arrived at the jewelry store was also stolen.

McNeece was remanded to Cobb County Adult Detention Center on $110,220.00 bond.

The Acworth store reminds jewelry owners to be sure to document their purchases.

“Just a reminder, make sure you have photos and appraisals of all your jewelry in a safe, protected place just in case,” he wrote.

It was not immediately clear whether McNeese had retained an attorney.


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