The next Battlefield campaign developed by the Halo co-creator’s new studio


In an announcement today, Battlefield Series General Manager Byron Beede announced that Ridgeline Games, EA’s new studio led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, is developing the series’ next single-player campaign.

Beede also wrote that they were “all-in on Battlefield”, with DICE continuing to work on Battlefield multiplayer and a third studio, Ripple Effect, “creating a whole new Battlefield experience”.

“As we approach our 20th anniversary, we’d like to share the future of the franchise and be clear with you about our vision: We’re all about Battlefield,” reads the post on EA’s site, which comes two days later. before. the 20th anniversary of the Battlefield series.

The announcement goes on to reveal the name of Lehto’s new studio, Ridgeline Games, and that they will be developing “a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe.”

It was announced late last year that Lehto’s then-unnamed new studio was working on single-player content for Battlefield, although it was rumored that this story content would be included in “seasons”. later” of the struggling Battlefield 2042. case, as the Battlefield Twitter account clarified that “the new narrative campaign experience @RidgelineGames is working on is not part of #Battlefield 2042. It will take place in the Battlefield universe.”

Lehto is best known for being the creative director of Bungie and is generally recognized as the co-creator of the Halo universe. His most recent studio was V1 Interactive, which in 2020 released Disintegration, an FPS and RTS hybrid. Its multiplayer servers shut down just five months after release, and V1 Interactive shut down four months later.

Battlefield has had an equally difficult recent history, with Battlefield 2042 launching without core features and with numerous bugs. Post-release updates aimed to address both of these issues, although they also removed some of the game’s unique features.


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