The Women of Influence Forum workshop: Learn how to create more seats at the table


One of the best ways to learn and grow is sharing experiences, being vulnerable and collaborating with others, that’s what this workshop that complements the Women of Influence Forum is designed to create for participants. The forum’s “Creating a Seat at the Table” workshop, which launches HousingWire Annual on October 3, gives attendees the opportunity to build on everything they’ve learned throughout the forum and work with their peers to create and think of ways to apply it to their lives.

This workshop will be facilitated by Leora Ruzin, Senior Vice President of Lending at Colorado Federal Credit UnionCaitlin Green, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Service LinkAnnamaire Edwards, owner of AV. Readyand Sarah Crossley, vice president of brand strategy at Percy. These powerful women in the industry will each lead a conversation at the table to help you learn practical skills and provide a supportive community to create more space for women in the workplace.

“Leadership can be a place of isolation. In small group workshops with other leaders, we provide confidential space and approach business opportunities with honest and open feedback,” said Jill Olmsted, Executive Director of CEO Programs at Material media.

We know there’s no perfect 12-step plan to land the life of your dreams – wouldn’t that be nice. Instead, this workshop gives you a way to connect with other leaders at the conference and learn more about what worked for them. During the workshop, we will delve deeper into the most important topics of the forum and discover a new community of women who are dedicated to advancing the housing industry.

“Surrounding yourself with influential women in leadership positions provides different perspectives for resolving tough decisions, accountability to do what you say you’re going to do, and support for pushing boundaries and scope,” Olmsted said.

HW Annual will be held this year in Scottsdale, Arizona and will feature housing leaders from all corners of the industry, including real estate, mortgages and foreclosures. Hear from today’s top leaders and enjoy networking events with like-minded professionals. The Women of Influence Forum requires an additional ticket when registering, click here to access this information and join us on HW Annual .


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