Tips to protect your home against theft –


As we enter the spring and summer seasons, the Alberta RCMP would like to urge property owners to consider the Principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) when planning their home improvement and seasonal maintenance projects.

The CPTED is a set of design principles that aim to reduce opportunities for crime. Making the recommended adjustments to a home or business can deter criminals by making it more difficult or less desirable to commit the crime. It can also make you feel more secure.

“Citizens play a vital role in keeping their communities safe,” says the Chief Superintendent. Peter Tewfik, Alberta RCMP officer responsible for community safety and well-being. “By using CPTED principles and making simple changes to your property, you can help reduce property crime in Alberta. »

Here are some things to consider when renovating your property:

  • Trim your trees and shrubs – Trimming the bottom of trees helps provide clear sight lines from inside your home to the edge or edge of the property. Additionally, keeping your bushes and shrubs short eliminates potential hiding places.
  • Lighting – Consider installing LED or motion sensor lights around your property. Ensuring your home is adequately lit at night deters criminals for fear of being seen. Solar lights are a great option for illuminating the most remote areas of your property. Also, leaving the lights on in the house when you’re away can give the illusion that someone is home.
  • Cameras – Install outdoor cameras around your property. Even the perception of someone watching can be enough to deter a crime.
  • Lock up your outdoor valuables – After a long day of yard work, store your lawnmower and other tools in a locked, out-of-sight shed or garage.


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