Top RPG Studio may be working on an Xbox Series X exclusive


One of the top RPG studios seems to be working on an exclusive Xbox Series X console, but oddly enough, not an RPG. Between Bethesda Game Studios, inXile Entertainment, and Obisidian Entertainment, Xbox now has a few top RPG studios under its roof, and yet it looks like it’s also working with Stoic Studio, a studio founded by former BioWare developers that has published on Trilogy Saga Banner the last generation.

In December last year, we relayed a report that Stoic Studio was working on an exclusive Xbox console. Fast forward, and new work listing the studio seems to confirm this. The job posting in question is for a user interface engineer and mentions “Xbox and PC”, but not the PlayStation or Nintendo platforms. In other words, it seems to work with Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

So what is the studio working on if it’s not an RPG? Well, the game is said to be in the works under the code name Project Belfry and is not a tactical RPG like Banner Sagabut a side-scrolling action game similar to the 2013 Vanillaware game dragon crown. If it looks very different from Banner Sagait is because it is. Banner Saga wasn’t just a tactical RPG – which couldn’t be more different – but it was very narrative. Side scrolls can be very narrative, but that’s not common. Beyond that, the only other alleged detail we know about the game is that it supposedly has an art style that’s a mix of The Banner Saga and Princess Mononoke.

At the moment, all we have are rumors and speculation based on job postings. The dots seem to connect, but none of this is official so should be taken with a grain of salt.

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