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Pandemic burnout is a reality. As part of our Good Vibes Only Channel, we’ll share articles that will help readers deal with stress, cope with burnout by creating awareness and hopefully inspiring others.

The pandemic has brought the concept of health to the fore. While many businesses have suffered significantly over the past two years and may take some time to recover, other businesses, especially those related to fitness, appear poised for a recovery in the current climate.

Recently we were invited to the new Yoga Movement studio in Novena. Featuring a spacious practice room, the pod concept is reduced to two dedicated locker rooms and a full-service reception while offering over 50 classes per week to the neighborhood’s residential and professional community. There is a lack of the usual amenities that regulars enjoy, such as showers or lockers. Still, Studio Novena is meant to be an in and out – catering to the needs of yoga practitioners who want a hassle-free practice.

Studio Yoga Movement Novena (Photo: Yoga Movement)

Being a regular at Yoga Movement for a few years now, I am often surprised at how quickly classes in all studios can be booked, even as they have opened more and more studios. From the sounds of friends engaging in spin classes, CrossFit boxes, aerial silk classes, personal training programs and more, the trend is similar across the board.

We reached out to Alicia Pan, co-founder of Yoga Movement, to gather information on the expansion, how she is staying sane during the pandemic, and how yoga is playing a role in it.

Class in progress at Yoga Movement (Photo: Yoga Movement)

Classes in progress at Yoga Movement (Photo: Yoga Movement)

I’m both excited and curious about the extension, especially during these times. How has the pandemic affected the demand for yoga classes, and why the choice of Novena?

Alicia Pan: First of all, I am delighted to hear that Novena’s location has been very well received. Our classes filled up quite quickly following our first week of opening, which was very encouraging! The demand for everything related to health and wellness has skyrocketed over the past 18 months, and the demand for studio classes appears to be stronger than ever.

With people having spent the vast majority of their time at home in the past 18 months, most people crave exercise in a community and are motivated by others around them. We wanted to bring our flavor of yoga to the neighborhoods with an entry and exit concept for easy access and to gel the whole YM experience through our global YM app, all with the goal of building our YM community.

Alicia Pan

Alicia Pan. (PHOTO: Yoga movement)

How do you think yoga can contribute to general well-being?

Yoga is beneficial in so many different ways – to look inward and connect with your breath, to sweat it, and to tone your muscles and build strength physically. It really is all-encompassing when it comes to total well-being of mind and body.

What does a day in your life look like?

I am a multitasking person – my day starts early around 6:30 am. It starts with getting the kids ready for their day, dropping the older kid off in kindergarten, and doing my workout right after. Training early is essential for me because it helps me wake up and have energy. I try to organize everything related to Yoga Movement and I work the first half of my day so that the second half can be devoted to my children. The bedtime routine starts for them around 7pm, and once I put them to bed I try to spend some time studying – I’m currently taking an online doula class!

I’m not going to lie – it’s been incredibly stressful trying to navigate this pandemic, what to do next, and at the same time trying to stick to our family goals.

There are so many out of your place, full careers, kids, not to mention all the added stress that has come with the pandemic. How do you put down roots or deal with the extra stress?

I’m not going to lie – it’s been incredibly stressful trying to navigate this pandemic, what to do next, and at the same time trying to stick to our family goals. Finding this balance requires a lot of discipline and self-control. Especially with children, when the going gets tough, you still have to be brave because children don’t know any better.

I’m fortunate to have a great support network here with friends and family, and keeping a good family routine, staying active and eating well all play a vital role in keeping me grounded.

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