Trussville council discussed potential pickleball courts at a workshop


By Hannah Curran, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – Trussville City Council discussed the location of pickleball courts during the workshop on Thursday, July 21.

Parks and Recreation Director David Vinson speaks to Trussville Council about the proposed new pickleball courts. (Photo by Hannah Curran)

Parks and Recreation Director David Vinson informed council that the proposed new location for the courts is in the sports complex just across from the youth soccer field and just across from the tennis courts in the corner “closest to the car entrance”.

At the park’s board meeting on Tuesday, Vinson said the location was thoroughly discussed and the proposed location received a recommendation from the board.

Council member Perry Cook asked Vinson if the liaisons for the various sports were all okay with the location of the pickleball courts.

“I would not say thatthat would be the preference, but I think they realized that’s as good a location as we’re going to have; nobody wants to waste space on the court,” Vinson said. “If we build more multi-purpose courts, we could come back and do more racket stuff there. We also have some thoughts on this. It’s something we’ll be looking into, but we don’t plan anything else there at this time.

Vinson also told the board that there would only be eight courts instead of the 12 originally proposed. All eight courts will be covered.

“We measured the area as well, and we can get two ball courts out of that as well,” Vinson said. “There are also plenty of parking spaces there.”

There are also bathrooms available in the complex, and Vinson said they eventually considered adding more bathrooms.

“Tit is an opportunity for us to use the money; we looked all over the city, and that’s where the other sports are,” Vinson said. “It’s over with racquet sports, so it makes sense. Even some members of the Park Board said it made sense to put it there. I know someone will object, someone won’t be happy with it.

Funding comes from the state from a parks and recreation grant, and Vinson said money that isn’t used from the grant could be used however the city decides for parks. and leisure.

“WWe talked about it,” Vinson said. We need a new football storage building, and we are trying to remove all metal buildings from it. We released some this year, and we liked that the parks looked as good as they could, and the metal buildings, a lot of them are run down. So we want to build a block building there, but I wouldn’t have a problem using the funds for the bathrooms if we had a surplus.

Vinson also mentioned that the other four courts could be added later and said the city needs more land.

Council member Alan Taylor added that council is in favor of building more land for the sports complex.

“WWe also need more multi-purpose courts in the city at some point,” Vinson said. “We’re looking for properties all the time, that’s the most important thing, and I hope people understand that it’s not that we don’t want to build more fields; we want to have more fields.

Council member Jaime Anderson expressed concern about pickleball players playing late on the courts. Vinson explained that the sports complex closes at 11 p.m. and Trussville police patrol the area after the complex closes.


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