VantageScore Solutions Appoints Business Group Director as New CEO



VantageScore Solutions has appointed Silvio Tavares, former trade association leader and Visa executive, as the new president and CEO of the credit-bureau analysis firm.

Tavares, a lawyer and engineer by training, had served as chief executive officer of the Digital Commerce Alliance, a trading group of banks and technology companies including Bank of America, Discover, MasterCard, Microsoft and Klarna.

Previously, he was senior vice president and global head of the information products business unit at Visa, as well as senior vice president and general manager of global information and analytics activities at First Data Corp.

Tavares succeeds Barrett Burns, the founding president and CEO of the Stamford, Connecticut company, who has been appointed to the newly created position of vice president.

VantageScore was developed by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, who dedicated top data scientists to testing and developing the company’s credit model in 2006 based on millions of anonymous consumer files with little or no credit history. credit. The company was the first to integrate rent payment into credit models.

“In many ways, VantageScore was ahead of its time and the market caught up,” Tavares said in an interview. “This intersection of financials and technology is going to be the primary driver that will propel our business forward for the next ten or two years.”



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