VMware Carbon Black Workload Strengthens Security for AWS Customers


VMware released VMware Carbon Black Workload for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide purpose-built protection to secure traditional and modern workloads.

By using a single unified console that integrates with existing infrastructure, security and information technology (IT) teams can reduce the attack surface and strengthen security postures, while gaining consistent visibility. and unified for workloads running on AWS, VMware Cloud, and on-premises.

“Security and IT teams lack visibility and control in highly dynamic, distributed environments,” said Jason Rolleston, vice president of product management and co-general manager of VMware’s security business unit.

“VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS improves collaboration between these teams through a single consolidated platform for all workloads, no matter where they are running, to help defenders see and stop more threats. This real-time visibility into workloads helps prevent attacks on your most valuable resources and gives AWS customers a limited surface area to protect,” continued Rolleston.

By enabling security teams to see workloads that are ephemeral and transient in nature, VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS provides authoritative context to help AWS customers better secure applications.

Automatic collection and listing of vulnerabilities helps identify risks and harden workloads, further reducing the attack surface, while CI/CD packages for sensor deployment further simplify lifecycle management agents. Additionally, by integrating their AWS account, AWS customers can gain deeper, more comprehensive, and deeper visibility into workloads that extend beyond when the VMware Carbon Black Workload Sensor was deployed for the first time.

VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS combines fundamental vulnerability assessment and workload hardening with next-generation antivirus (NGAV) to analyze attacker behavior patterns over time and help stop attacks.

With enterprise threat hunting for workloads that includes behavioral endpoint detection and response (EDR), AWS customers can turn threat intelligence into prevention policy to avoid double-checking the same threat. This telemetry powers VMware Contexa, a threat intelligence cloud that closes the gap between attackers and defenders while enabling visibility, control, and anomaly detection for workloads.


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