Volta Trucks Reveals A Parisian “Studio” At The Service Of Customers


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Electric truck manufacturer Volta Trucks has revealed details of its Paris “Studio” and headquarters as it prepares to put its trucks into service later this year.

The Volta Trucks Studio is the first of many headquarters in the market where the company will operate its business operations and welcome customers during the sales process. The Studio experience will be educational, informative and showcase the essence of the Volta Trucks brand.

Located on rue Edouard VII, next to boulevard des Capucines in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, the Studio is surrounded by offices, shops, homes, restaurants, hotels and theaters, and close to the place where many of the company’s customers will live and work.

“Since its inception, Volta Trucks has taken an innovative, customer-centric approach to redefining the commercial vehicle industry. The core design of our fully electric Volta Zero and our unique truck ownership-as-a-service model are two good examples,” says Essa Al-Saleh, CEO of Volta.

“Now we will redefine the face-to-face customer experience with the first of many Volta Trucks studios, located near where our customers live and work. Customers tell us they don’t want to visit a big, old-fashioned showroom out of town where inevitably the truck they want isn’t on display. They would like to have discussions with a product expert in an intimate and pressure-free environment. And when the time comes to see and demonstrate the truck, it will be delivered to them so they can understand how it works in their own depot. It’s the Volta Trucks way. Bringing business operations and market personnel together under one roof will also ensure that whatever the customer is talking about, a Volta Trucks expert will always be on hand.

The “Volta Trucks Studio” concept complements the recently announced “Volta Trucks Hub” facility which will provide its Truck as a Service maintenance and aftermarket operations, as well as administrative offices, a Volta Trucks Academy training center and a call center.


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