What’s new at The Factory in Franklin?

photo of Donna Vissman

In late May, Holladay Properties released two renderings of plans for The Factory’s Great Hall renovation in Franklin. As renovations begin at the property, there are several things to consider for your next visit.

Visitors to The Factory will notice that the main Franklin Road entrance has been blocked due to construction. You now enter through the Liberty Pike side entrance by Five Daughters Bakery or Honest Coffee Roasters. Inside you will see that a wall has been placed separating the ongoing construction from the areas still open for dining and shopping. Yes, you can always grab a donut at Five Daughters or continue to Mojo’s Tacos.

Along with the new wall, which closes off the main area, you will find a newly constructed toilet opposite the Five Daughters Bakery which will be permanent. Looking at the render released at the end of May, the plan is more open and the old toilets will be removed.

What happened to the furniture that was originally in the main entrance area? For now, you will find it at the top of the large open staircase. There are still a few tables downstairs to gather.

Where are all the small shops? All vendors that were previously located in Makers Market with Made in TN have new homes along the hallway next to Honest Coffee Roasters.

The Franklin plant was purchased late last year by Holladay Properties with the intention of making the property a national model for adaptive reuse. Work on the main entrance or what is now known as the Great Hall portion of The Factory renovation has begun and is expected to be completed in early 2023.

Built in 1929, The Factory is a complex of 10 industrial buildings that were originally built for stove manufacturer Allen Manufacturing Co. and later housed a succession of manufacturers: Dortch Stove Works, Magic Chef and Jamison Bedding Company. In 1996, businessman Franklin Calvin Lehew purchased the property and converted it into a retail and entertainment complex.


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