What’s On: 2 Day Filmmaking Workshop


Behind the lens: cinema workshop

What is that?

Cinematic Films on a Budget is a two-day workshop for filmmakers, photographers and media students. It will be directed by filmmakers Nandan Saxena and Kavita Bahl, winners of three national awards. They work in the genre of documentary films on environmental, gender and cultural issues and the duo have been making films together for over two decades. They started ‘Quark Workshops’ in 2007 to develop the skills of those who couldn’t go to film school but wanted to tell the stories in a cinematic way.

The workshop is ideal for those looking to start their journey with the camera and those who want to improve. This workshop is about filmmaking in the post-pandemic world, where shrinking budgets and opportunities demand that we invest in our skills. It’s a mix of hands-on demonstrations and sharing of real-life examples to help young people improve their skills and understand how to create cinematic films and visual stories. The workshop aims to guide participants through the workflows of production, lighting, sound recording and post-production. The workshop will include things like mobile filmmaking, mirrorless and cinema cameras, smart lighting, color grading, with film screenings and storytelling discussions.

When: April 23, 24

Or: Government Museum Auditorium, Sector 10, Chandigarh.

Participate, call 9910037244 or write to [email protected]


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