Workshop on “Industrial IoT with Cloud Servers” Held at GSSSIETW – Mysuru Today


Mysore, 24th August:- The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women (GSSSIETW), Mysuru held a 3-day workshop on “Industrial IoT with Cloud Servers” for 4th semester students ECE from August 16 to 18 under the AECES forum.

Resource persons for the workshop were Dhananjaya BP, Pramod and Prasanth from Loginware (P) Ltd, Bengaluru.

Dr. Rajendra R Patil, Professor and Head of Department of ECE, GSSIETW, spoke to students about the importance of Internet of Things (IoT) and how IoT technology is developing and revolutionizing the world. He also focused on industrial IoT job opportunities.

Introductory sessions were held on microcontrollers, followed by the basics of “C” programming and embedded “C” programming. Node MCU ESP8266 boards were provided to the students for the practical session.

The students were tasked with performing some experiments with the hardware board and on-board ‘C’ programming. Ubidots was also introduced. Ubidots provides an easy and secure way to build IoT solutions for students, makers, and researchers. Few projects such as humidity and temperature sensors, relay, Wi-Fi controller and blinking LED have been done using Arduino IDE software. The students were also briefed on the future of IoT and its importance, says a press release from Mahanthesh U, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, GSSSIRTW. (NGB)

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