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The Pandan Loop building will be a melting pot for innovation, collaboration and all things food

SINGAPORE, September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – X-Inc today officially opens XPACE (pronounced as “space”), a building that has been meticulously conceptualized to help fulfill the dreams of those who live in that of Singapore food ecosystem.

More than just the headquarters of the X-Inc group of companies, which has been in the food industry since the 1930s, it is the realization of X-Inc’s dream of a bigger and better food industry where innovations and collaborations abound.

The six-story, 22,000 square meter building at 218 Pandan Loop was opened by Minister of Commerce and Industry Gan Kim yong today.

XPACE is paving the way for a new generation of food innovation facilities, with vertically integrated spaces for ideation, testing, manufacturing and logistics.

Built at a cost of S $ 65 million, it aims to be an innovative culinary hub where culinary dream enthusiasts can work, co-create and co-labor in a wide range of facilities – from demonstration and commercial kitchens to presentation and event spaces. It is about germinating ideas and dreams to foster collaboration and reduce overhead costs through common shared resources.

And when it’s time to dig deeper into creations, XPACE can provide food safety advice for Singapore Food Agency (SFA) certification and submission.

New tenants are Food Bank Singapore, Garrett Popcorn Shops and The Ice Cream Cookie & Co, and more in the specialty packaged food segment are expected to move to XPACE soon.

Collaborations at XPACE

Before its official opening, XPACE has already shown how different food players can team up to leverage each other’s strengths to create unique products. X-Inc worked with Jill’s Sausages to create a durable, preservative-free ham made from scraps of meat and vegetables. He also partnered with The Ice Cream Cookie & Co to pay homage to local flavors by creating the XPACE Xandwich – pandan ice cream with gula melaka charcoal cookies.

“XPACE was created to be a haven for cooking enthusiasts who want to explore ideas, cook, prepare, work, store, discuss, collaborate, innovate and experiment. It is the culmination of our dream and the many more to come. We are excited to usher in a new generation of collaboration that will hopefully result in a bigger and better food industry in the world. Singapore,” noted Nichol ng, CEO of X-Inc Pte Ltd.

More launches to come

As part of its grand opening celebration, X-Inc will launch several initiatives next week.

  • ReXtorer: A social enterprise that supports X-Properties Inc and other tenants by delivering modular, adaptable and eco-friendly pop-up spaces in a sustainable and community-centric way.
  • Backyard productions: A movement initiated by the food distributor FoodXervices Inc (www.foodxervices.com) to motivate F&B establishments to Singapore to support local products, it aims to revolutionize the way good is eaten and grown in Singapore.
  • XPACE Xupper Club: Located at 6e XPACE level, XPAC Xupper Club supports The Wok People’s vision of bringing the cafeteria of tomorrow to life. It provides a platform for catering and related businesses to innovate, imagine and develop new dishes and experiment with cutting-edge technologies.

About X-Inc Pte Ltd

Founded in 2016, X-Inc is the parent company of a group of companies that have been in the food industry since the 1930s. With approximately 200 employees, more than 7,000 products and more than 4,500 customers, it brings our products to life. dreams of the food ecosystem – from catering and retail to logistics and real estate.


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