You can play as a reworked Overwatch 2 Stronghold in Overwatch using Workshop mode


Main Bastion who are excited to try out the hero revamp in Monitoring 2 no need to wait for the game to be released. You can now try out a recreated version using the Workshop mode of the original game.

A Reddit user named CyberLemon2k dove into Workshop mode to do his best to recreate the new Bastion – and the results are actually quite impressive. It’s not a perfect one-on-one copy, but it’s as good as anyone outside of Blizzard can get some playtime right now.

Just like in Overwatch 2, custom mode reduces its rate of fire and weapon spread. He even has his new ultimate in Artillery mode which turns him into a mortar as opposed to his current tank form ultimate. And its capacity for self-healing? It’s also gone.

Bastion wreaked havoc on the Monitoring meta at different times throughout the lifespan of the game, so its redesign will be one of the many great new features to try in the next game, every time it comes out.

Along with the redesign of Sombra, Bastion changes the character in several ways. Now that Monitoring 2 is five against five instead of six against six, Bastion could be a mainstay of queues as a damage dealing hero.

The personalized game code for recess is 7DEX7 and can be plugged in to play at any time.


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