Your BRAND promise doesn’t mean squat …


If you cannot perform all 5 factors of the RELIABE CARE â„¢ model!

Has your customer experience journey changed dramatically since the big restart economy of 2020-21 and leadership needs to be on board?

Unbelievable… It takes COVID to wake businesses up to the way customers think, act and feel. It takes a major market disruption to wake consumers up to how businesses care or don’t care. And the best practice characteristics of start-up entrepreneurs and established industry leaders can be merged to ensure customer loyalty in the new restart economy. While changes in the global marketplace can impact your approach to Main Street on how you find, source, engage and build your pipeline of customers.

Surprisingly, 100% of our clients were positioned for this reboot and because they were already calibrated in a transformation mentality, they experience very little market disruption. However, the tendency of most “think tanks and experts” of world leaders is that this reboot has caused huge cash problems for individuals, businesses and government officials.

Two variables that I have been working with my global clients for three decades have proven to be incredibly accurate during this reboot and on their own will ensure your future growth, resilience and sustainability:

Variable one: The psychology of a buyer’s decision illustrates that consumers look for one or a combination of four psychological drivers in their decisions to stay loyal, continue to buy or change their buying behavior …

Variable two: My research in 17 countries, and over a decade of over 10,000 interviews and sample surveys, clarifies that your dashboard should meet 5 Guaranteed Steps Customers Show They Want in their Interactions with a Business or Companies. people. The big reboot has magnified and shone a light on those who, after an 18-month reboot, still determine who they are, what they do, and why this is the path they took – sad!

The adage of “If you don’t take care of the customer, your competition will gladly do it for you…! And, for some companies screaming on social media about their latest scorecard ranking and # 1 position in their industry, they need to take stock of which scorecard they are actually using and if. do they keep their brand promise? Or, if the reality is that consumers today may not have genuinely viable options, then the “take it or leave it” that is ubiquitous today, may be the condemnation. long term death that one writes for themselves.

Let me illustrate the point – A major customer experience that I have regularly as a global business and professional traveler, illustrates this point every week since summer 2020 (and sadly, as you read this article, he still sows himself to customers). Customer experiences are amplified given my professional role on a global scale. This experience highlights the questions leaders should ask themselves:

  1. Strategy
  2. Systems
  3. Process
  4. Procedures
  5. Activities / Actions
  6. Dashboards
  7. Every touchpoint along the customer experience journey today, not like before the Big Restart
  8. Compare our external and internal brand promise to our customers and employees against KPIs # 1 to # 7

While the supplier in question, as a working case study here, may be ranked # 1 in their respective industry as of this writing, it is interesting as one of their clients of first plan to create a scorecard of expectations as to how their brand promise is to be lived. If I had to rate today’s service against what would have been classified as “unacceptable and even poor service” by the same provider in 2019 (which they would never have tolerated or tolerated), today what is considered # 1 is really lower than the dashboard standard of 2019. The difference, today consumers are held hostage by this provider and this has actually taken hold within the provider as a feeling of complacent, ambivalent and egocentric pathology of greatness. It would seem that all of their customer contact professionals know this and have dramatically lowered their customer engagement standards, created a massive customer journey nightmare – but as a customer you can’t say anything or run the risk of being considered. as a customer problem.

What we tolerate, we tolerate, and what we tolerate, we tolerate.

This then becomes the new lowered standard of benchmark excellence.

As a top customer, this supplier says that as a customer you are valued and their brand promise is essential. So they started a great solution feedback loop strategy. You have an app on your cell phone and after each customer experience (which they can track on their side that is going well), your cell phone will ping with a one-question feedback survey. Interestingly, the same data collection never takes place when they know on their end that there has been a brand promise failure and the customer experience-journey was inferior. Data analytics is essential to strong leadership and informed business success decisions. Mapping the customer experience journey from a leadership perspective (just one of the essential building blocks of organizational success discussed in our Dr Jeffrey Magee | Mastery of leadership Leadership Academy of Excellence / Series 1.0). You don’t have to fall in love with your own press releases (as the saying goes) and stay focused on the customer experience market (both inside and out), when it comes to your brand promise.

So why is this important? Consider this case study to be exactly the beginnings of what brought such giants out of the gaming industry, think: Montgomery-Wards, Sears, FAoSchwartz, Saturn, K-Mart, JCPenny, MySpace, etc.

So how do you ensure brand integrity and your brand promise?

Variable one: Buyer’s Decision Psychology illustrates that consumers look for one or a combination of four psychological drivers in their decisions to stay, buy, or change their buying behaviors… As a result, customers and prospects come. towards you or leaving you for one of four psychological reasons. If you can market, demonstrate and ensure that your deliverables (product / service) are these compared to other market options …

  2. FASTER (more efficient)

When you do this, in addition to any other then any other option in the market, you win. If you can wrap something emotional around this proposition (a cause, an added benefit, what someone else gets as a result of your actions) then you earn even more!

And, after years of research and over ten thousand interviews and surveys, what we have learned is that your BRAND Promise does not mean squat! … If you and your organization cannot perform the 5 factors of the RELIABE CARE ™ model.

Variable two: Research specifies that your dashboard must meet 5 guaranteed factors or variables. Customers reveal what they value and want in their interactions with a business / others …

Design all of your business efforts, initiatives, talent development, compliance, brand experiences around RARE, then whatever matrix you use, apply a simple ACF score. This means that if you, as an organization or an individual within your organization, do 100% of what your brand promise says, then that gets a grade or score of “C”. At any KPI, if one does not keep the Brand Promise, it gets a grade or score of “F”. And, just as simple, anyone who delivers more than the Brand Promise should receive an “A” grade or score. Now ask your most valued customers to use this simple dashboard and measure your brand promise KPIs – see what score you get in real time?

So now let’s apply the Reliable CARE â„¢ model what you do internally and externally as a brand promise (the brand promise can be what an organization articulates, a business unit articulates, or even what an individual articulates) –

  1. RELIABLE … If you say you are going to do ‘X’ then you have to be RELIABLE doing it – every time!
  2. CARE … If you say you are going to do ‘X’ then you have to demonstrate with integrity that you SUPPORT (appreciate) this customer and the opportunity to have served them – every time!
  3. ATTRACTIVE … If you say you are going to do ‘X’ you have to demonstrate with integrity that you are MORE ATTRACTIVE than any other alternative to this customer – every time!
  4. REAGENT… If you say you are going to do “X”, you must demonstrate with integrity that you have a sense of urgency today (no panic, stress, anxiety) and that your sense of REACTIVITY for and towards the client is appropriate, anticipated and planned for in advance, to make the customer experience WOW ‘ed – every time!
  5. EMPATHY… Everyone seems overwhelmed today, one of our customers is calling this COVID Fog. If you say you are going to do ‘X’ you must demonstrate with empathy, integrity and genuine connection (s) that you have EMPATHY for this customer experience – every time!

As leaders and professionals, if a brand promise fails, check your strategy, systems, structure, processes, procedures, feedback loops and / or accountability measures to know where a KPI failed? You can use this Reliable CARE Model â„¢ as a scorecard in all of your internal and external interactions, and as an ongoing coaching tool for performance achievement and sustaining conversations.

The customer experience journey has changed dramatically since the big restart of 2020-21 and leadership must be INCLUDED to win – or you will lose more than your great talent, you will lose the customers you value so much and who you affirm through your Brand Promises are essential for your future!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Magee.

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