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Chicago, IL, Feb 09 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zacks Professional Services (“Zacks Pro”) announces a new relationship with Concourse Financial Group Securities (“CFGS”) providing access to the full suite of Zacks Advisor Tools (Advisor Tools) to more than 500 finance professionals.

Advisor Tools is a web-based platform that offers investment professionals full access to a full suite of analytical tools and Zacks’ independent, reputable and proven stock selection and research tools, including Zacks predictive ranking for stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

Additionally, Advisor Tools offers a unique perspective on predicting mutual fund performance by allowing you to drill down into fund-specific characteristics that determine a fund’s buy/sell rating. These “sub-factors” provide a new level of understanding of the drivers of mutual fund performance, resulting in a selection process that can produce better results for investors’ portfolios. Offering deeper mutual fund analysis through mutual fund sub-factor analysis helps identify performance drivers such as short-term alpha, long-term stock selection, expense ratio and more.

Libet Anderson, President of Investment Solutions at Concourse Financial Group Securities, said, “We are delighted to partner with Zacks Professional Services in our ongoing efforts to provide our finance professionals with cutting-edge, value-added tools and resources. added to help them manage and grow their businesses. Zacks’ suite of analysis and research tools provides financial professionals with a powerful resource for evaluating a wide range of investments and in a variety of different portfolio structures.

“We’re thrilled that CFGS sees the value in consulting tools,” said Adam Cohen, CFA, managing director of Zacks Professional Services Group. “We look forward to working with their finance professionals and contributing to their continued success.”

About Zacks

Zacks Professional Services is a business unit of Zacks Investment Research, the second largest provider of independent equity research in the United States. Zacks award-winning research has been used by thousands of investment advisors and individual investors for over 20 years.

For more information on the Advisor Tools platform and Zacks Professional Services, please email [email protected] or get a free demo at

About Concourse Financial Group Securities

Concourse Financial Group Securities, member FINRA/SIPC, is a broker/dealer. Investment advisory services are provided by Concourse Financial Group Advisors, a division of Concourse Financial Group Securities, a registered investment adviser. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, this wholly-owned subsidiary of Protective Life Corporation supports more than 500 independent financial professionals nationwide as Investment Counsel Representatives and Registered Representatives, as well as working financial professionals through hybrid service models. For more information about Concourse Financial Group Securities, please visit

Zacks and Concourse Financial Group Securities are separate entities.


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